Sunday, October 09, 2005

Too right about the digital photography!

I was reading the blog from Rebecca on digital photography, and I totally agree with her. There always seems to be that occassion where you're at someones house having a few drinks (sometimes too many to be handling a digital camera!) and you start snapping away, but end up deleting all the ones that show your double chin, or one of your eyes that's slightly slurred, a lot like your speech. I have a similar situation to Rebecca. I was at a wedding where the alcohol was flowing freely (as it usually does) and started to snap away with the camera. One of my friends had one of the disposable cameras that always take good photo's, and as the night progressed, more photo's of random people came up. But everytime I went to take a snap, I always ended up with something that resembled more of a blur. I tried to put my camera on the motion knob (where people are doing stuff and you get the pic quite clear) but still, no success. It got to the point where I was rather intoxicated and was just not balancing, but my friend who had the disposable cam, got perfect pics! As Rebecca said, I ended up with about 5 photo's of the night that weren't even that great, where as my friend ended up with a whole camera lot of "in the moment" photos. I ended up getting reprints of her negatives, but I was soooo gutted that my flash camera was a dud compared to her $20 beauty from the Warehouse.

Deleting the dud photos I'd taken was dissapointing for me, because my camera couldn't keep up with the play. It is a shame that we're given the opportunity to delete those "in the moments" memories these days, because photos should be spontaneous (is that how you spell it?). Its also dissapointing that technology sometimes isnt all that great. If you get out of focus your photos are all blury, sometimes your camera doesnt give you a lot of zoom action, when your memory gets full you have to choose which ones you want to keep and which ones you dont (at least with a disposable you dont have a choice, when you run out you just run out and roll with whatever you've got). Then there are the benefits about being able to put the pics straight on to your computer, and take them in to get developed straight away (meaning you get them printed right there and then).

Really, in the end, I think I was just gutted I didnt get good photos and she did! And I was gutted that my battery power kept running out on me (especially in the good parts) but thats just because I hadn't charged them enough... my bad. Sometimes I think we concentrate too much to get a good photo, and by the time the moments come and gone, we just end up getting nothing. Maybe if I'm going to a party again, I might just buy a little disposable one. That'll mean it wont get bashed around by all the randoms.


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