Sunday, October 09, 2005

New Technology GAHHHH

So, I was under the misguided impression that new technology was supposed to not only be helpful, but also more efficient. Oh the naievity.

To put it in a bit of context...I was late for class and had just found a sneaky 90min carpark outside the Quad, right in front of a Pay and Display machine no less! Unfortunatley, a girl got to the machine before me and proceeded to study the "Text to Park" instructions very closely...couple of minutes later she readies herself to actually punch in some digits on her phone...and...nothing. She re-reads the instructions, punches in some more numbers, starts yelling to her friend "It's not working" (does the nervous "i feel like a git laugh") and keeps re-reading the instrucitons. At this stage I run to the next machine pump all my shrapnel into the machine, only to watch the Parking Warden (very close to writing Parking Nazi there but did manage to restrain myself)start to eye up my ticketless car!

So, late to class but no ticket, phew. To get to the analytical point of this post, I suppose that new techonologies are more than likely in most instances to have a bit of a slow start in the initial embryonic stages until they become mainstream, like ATM machines. Though it makes an interesting point that to become more efficient we often have to go through a period of blatant inefficiency.

charlotte t

NB: The girl was NOT me, and I'm pretty sure she was competant at texting and was not of diminshed mental capacity!


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