Sunday, October 09, 2005

We all have a magic wand

Arthur C Clark talked about any sufficiently advanced technology appearing to be magic to any significantly less advanced techno-culture. But are we approaching the point where this divide is inside the one culture and applies even to those who think they have a grip on new technology.

Today most of us use remote controls without a clue what we are really doing. They give us power but at a cost. Perhaps it is our version of the magic wand where we are Ron Weasley, the technicians who fix it are Hermione and those people who rule us are Harry Potter (I like the books but not the central character, may have something to do with my first name but I have increasing sympathy for Voldemort). The wand has mysterious inner workings (some feather I think but it could be a few chips), it has constraints on what it controls, it can be lost or broken and we definitely don't understand how it works (well, could you make one), it is a magic wand.

Must be that essay time of the semester I wish I had a magic wand for that.


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