Sunday, October 16, 2005

NFL game or life?

The lastest easports games are coming out like ants to a open sugar bowl, yep its about the time where easports starts releasing its sport games for the new season of 2006. I'd like to touch upon the NFL game for the basic reason that its ea's no.1 selling sports game in the US; why should it matter to nz'ers? Well it should'nt but my brothers and I have been hooked on it since 1997, and one thing I've noticed is that the development of both consoles (playstation), and the game itself.

The progress for the console is quite obvious and predictable, but what has been interesting is the game development. Back in 1997 and in the early days of NFL, it was simply all about the game, but as the power of the console increased so did the gameplay. In the early days it all about playing one team beating the other and you get a winner and a loser, now though it seems more compelled for the controller or the player to be more actively involved in the game. I speak with great reference to NFL 2006, why?, you actually create a person who goes to college, then sits an IQ test, and does the whole 9 yards in order to turn pro, however the thing that caught my eye was that once you turned pro you were able to choose and fire agents who were'nt giving you the best deals, you had a person who created a website especially for you, you get endorsements, movie deals, house etc..., well you get the point.

It seems in the technological age we live in, and the amount of time occupied at a playstation or xbox, it has made game developers rethink the player producer relationship by enhancing game control and experience through more interactive gameplay such as NFL's create a superstar, and I'm not surprised if we see more of that through other games. And as the game world develops even more, the current interactive plan for players maybecome to standard and boring and rethinked again by producers just to keep the gamer producer relationship strong.


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