Saturday, October 15, 2005


I was just reading aiwa’s post about airline reviews, and it reminded me of another good site to use when you’re going overseas. It’s SeatGuru ( - “your enlightened guide to airline seating”. It’s basically a site that shows you layouts of seating arrangements on planes. I often use this before going away to decide where (and where not) I might like to sit. You just select your airline, and select the aircraft (type of plane) that you will be travelling on. For example, ‘Singapore Airlines’ and then ‘Boeing 747-400’. It comes up with a ‘seatmap’ that highlights good seats, bad seats, exits, loos, and more. If you hover your mouse over a seat then a little box comes up describing that seat! There’s also user comments, and information on seat pitch, entertainment features, etc. Pretty handy indeed, but the site seems to be a tad slow (well on my computer it is). They also recently launched Mobile SeatGuru, where you can access it straight from handheld devices (blackberry, mobile phone, etc.).

There are also some links to other relevant travelling sites and airline resources, such as this one: - heaps of random things you might want to know about airline food. You can even browse photos that people have taken of their airline meals - along with a description, comments, and rating… kinda weird!! Here’s an example of a comment made by someone called Ingrid: "The cereal tasted like something from the bottom of the bird cage and the yoghurt was thin, sour and definitely not made from a contented cow! The roll was tasty and still warm and with the butter melting gently on top it was easily the best part of the meal! The fruit had no taste and could have been prepared a week earlier. Not very inspiring Air NZ!!!". Haha... interesting stuff!

I think sites such as SeatGuru, and the one aiwa posted about, are really good examples of how the Internet can make little things in our lives that much easier for us, help us make decisions, and make somewhat trivial things seem more important :)

-Shannon Doherty


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