Sunday, October 02, 2005

Online Video Diaries

Just a trend i have seen starting of late is directors who are doing online video diaries of the production and post production process and then posting them on the net for fans to download. I thought it was just Peter Jackson on King Kong but it seems that Bryan Singer is also doing it and Kevin Smith too, i just had the pleasure of watching the first video diary for Clerks 2 which was hilarious! A very self deprecating man that one.. :p I think that as time goes by more directors are going to start doing these online video diaries of the production process because there is huge demand from internet fanboys to see their favorite projects being made, i guess it is just that further interaction with the filmmaking process that is behind it all and it helps alleviate any fears they might have about a director ruining their favorite comic book.

If they can see how the film is shaping out and the path the director is taking with the project then i think they are going to respond more favourably to the finished product, especially as it shows the director actually cares about the fans and how they feel. I wonder which director will be next to have an online video journal..

Clerks Video Journal #1


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