Thursday, October 06, 2005

Restaurant Review Websites

Restaurant review websites are an excellent way to help decide where to go for dinner. Some of the websites are better tahn others out of the three I visit most frequentlly: and the Dineout website is the best. Dineout offers a range of reviews from visitors to the website that score the restaurant on the food, presentation, the service, the ambience, the toilets and child friendliness. It then collates these scores to give the overall score. Restaurant review websites are useful because they give a range of reviews and provide a more balanced opinion than a review that appears in another medium such as a newspaper review which gives the opinion of one reviewer at one point in time, rather than a mix over a longer period of time, and provide and they provide an open forum for peoples' opinions. However they have the potential to be misleding as well, as a restaurant manager I have heard of a few stories from within the industry of fake reviewers-ie restaurant owners- writing malicious comments on other restaurants and others writing excellent reviews of their own restaurants!


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