Sunday, August 14, 2005

Blog about blogs

I only recently have discovered the phenomenon of the blog and to tell you the truth I lack insight into why they are so popular, not so much for the creators of the blog but by the viewers of the blog.

I can easily understand someone being a fan of a blog if a person does lead a particularly interesting life, but many blogs have peripherated out to be on inane subjects such as one I viewed the other day by someone who found problems with local public bathrooms and wrote about them. The subject matter for some blogs seems to be fairly unimportant and through this I find them pointless, unless they are a blog discussing useful subject matter as this is.

As I said it has been less then a year that I have known what a blog is so this may be the reason I am missing what they are useful for other then the writers enjoyment. Primarily due to the subject matter that many possess.


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