Monday, August 15, 2005

Games n the new way of advertising...

Reflecting on the games lecture by Jo, and her talk on advertising in games, I've sort of noticed how games themselves get advertised. This particular topic came to me because my little brother couldn't stop hasselling me about, "how he was gonna smash me in the new up and coming NFL 2006 Madden Game" on PS2, how it was only a month a way before my destruction as gamer and his rise to champion of all sporting games on PS2. As brothers we were quite competitive and always wanting to be the best, so I looked up on the website to actually get some dates on when the new game was actually coming out, was the official site, and there it was NFL 06', something like "August the 9th, coming to stores near you!", it was like looking at a promotion for a blockbuster movie starring Brad Pitt, it certainly had the characteristics of it. What to expect from the game, who's in it, the great features, the star started line up of new music..everthing. Sports stars (like cover boy McNabb- star quaterback for the Philly' Eagles), talking about it and how fantastic it was, (if you have no idea what im talking bout its cool), its the fact that it seemed all to familiar, remind you of anything,..... red carpet moment for a premeier, thats exactly what it was, the launch of the new game, set out in the website like a movie premeier.
Whats interesting is that its found in most popular games these days, promoting the game like a movie seems the best way to get people to but them, another great example was Grand Theft Auto San Andereas, and how the trailer copied movie characteristics, editing music, explosions, etc..., the fact is games are a big thing in todays technological era, and how they are advertised is even more important to its sucess as an industry.


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