Sunday, September 11, 2005

Computer Generated images.

I have recently seen a trailer for Peter Jacksons King Kong due out december, and to me the figures which are computer generated such as King Kong the Dinosaur etc appear caricaturish and not smooth. Although there is no denying that there has been major advancements in computer generated imaging in the last few years it I tend to think that the figures themselves do not look as realistic as they could whereas computer generated backgrounds that are made to reflect real or fictional places such as used in the Lord of the Rings trilogy appear much more realistic and these images on the whole seem more realistic. I personally am a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to film and would prefer if as low a number of computer generated images were used as possible however movies such as Sin City that use solely comupter generated images for backgrounds and settings are very effective in their own right although CGI is not advanced enough to fully intergrate Comuter generated characters into a live action movie themselves


At 2:06 AM, Blogger Spivey said...

Its all on how much you spend. Whats intresting about this article is you say they arent, but oddly enough, they are. Have been for a couple years. With time and money, the charecter and scene can be made that you would not otherwise know the person was fake less you stuck it on slow mo and watched every little detail trying to find the smallest hair of a shadow out of place. Many of the settings and objects you see now in film are getting added digitally to save costs. One of my favorite examples, although not the best is Bad Boys 2 with the ferrari. A good chunk of those scenese were real and a good chunk of them false, i dont know one person who can tell me the difference between them at many points. Then of course the only damage after all that is an actor slaming the door into a concrete post, take that out digitally! I think not. CGI is great when used properly. Like you i like to see less of them, directors going over the top with them just kill me, only noticble fact i could find out of the misrble charlie and the choclate factory was how so much of it was real, including the nut opening squirrls! Just my two pents. Cheers!


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