Thursday, October 06, 2005

Adidas and xbox

Adidas and xbox have merged into a long term alliance. Bringing benefits for both sides in the combination of sport and entertainment. The partnership will lead to xbox 360 kiosks being placed in adidas retail locations and at grass roots football events leading up to the 2006 FIFA world cup. Xbox will also join adidas in supporting an MTV series based on young talented football players trying to get into national squads for the 2006 World Cup. Another feature of the partnership is that adidas will install content on xbox 360 consoles while xbox will have presence on adidas planned FIFA 2006 world cup mobile portal. The alliance will bring together a large group of people joining both audiences that enjoy to play inside and those whose who enjoy to play outside. The collaboration reflects that sports, lifestylpe and video games are inextricably linked. It also brings to the fore that games are big business as large companies from different areas join together to benefit each other.


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