Thursday, October 06, 2005

Pop Up Adverts

Now the internet and television are two very different things. Although admittedly the difference between them is slowly closing in. I have noticed however the increasing number of pop up adverts that are plaguing the web pages of today. My feeling is that if I wanted to go to one of these sites; eg: download 1000 free smiley faces I would have typed into google at the beginning of my random web surfing download 1000 free smileys. And the really annoying things about pop up adverts are that you click for them to go away and then they re-pop about 2 seconds later. Is it not enough that we are constantly hammered with adverts when watching television and now when we go to the movies. But we have to be subjected to pop adverts. The banners surrounding a site are fine because they don’t really interfere with your web surfing. But the whole purpose of this rant was because I found this website called and it had a few pop up adverts that annoyed. Overall it’s a pretty good website. Over 50 pages of games to play, clips that you can watch and just overall funny things. The type of funny things that get sent through forwarded emails (if anyone reads them).


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