Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Friend Network

Friend networks are increasingly becoming the new 'fad' with alot of the net users. I know for myself, friend networks are popular particularly amongst my own circle of friends. In response to the blog "hi5", i have to agree with you in that i find the whole "hi5" experience fun. I registered to the network the beginning of this year and i have been reunited and found people who i thought i lost contact with. Who would have thought that a network could reunite you with the local bully at your intermediate school or that girl you see all the time at uni but you do not know her name. Its awkwardly strange, but its addictive. However "hi5" is not alone, there are more and more friend networks popping up here and there - who's aims are almost indentical to each other, connecting friends with each other - networks such as ringo, bebo and zebo are becoming just as popular as "hi5". These sites allow one to post up messages, photos and personal information on their own profile page - almost like a personal website. The emergence and popularity of friend networks are allowing people to create and become part of an elite community with friend contacts. New Media: A Critical Introduction asserts "Internet provided the means for people to communicate not just individually and one to one but as part of a group communication exchanges in which their mode of address was semi-public rather than private" (New Media: A Critical Introduction. P.172). This exchange between people in internet communities allows - a freedom to express whatever it is that one wants to express in a way that maybe considered publically unacceptable.


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