Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Internet Banking

I have just recently activated my own personal internet banking account. However i am worried about the level of security surrounding internet banking, for example registration for my internet banking was processed over the phone. As verification for my identity, I was only asked for my date of birth, my so-called 'password' and my surname. Although a password would be a logical and somewhat advanced way of identifying myself over the internet, who can gurantee secrecy over the phone let alone the internet, both major sources of public communication? New Media: A Critical Introduction explains that "'public sphere' position extends from this specific function of extending the access to media to the construction of the net as a new public sphere capable of representing new subjectiveness" (New Media: A Critical Introduction. P.177.) in saying this, the internet banking, while it confirms the privacy of your account, the very privacy of my password is challenged by the increasingly easy access hackers can make within internet networks - is my privacy online with my banking account vested in a secure setting or are the accessesbilties to the internet far greater than i imagine.


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